Church on The Spilled Blood

May 2, 2019

Church on the Spilled Blood is the most magnificent cathedrals in St. Petersburg, and definitely is the most memorable. See for yourself why this cathedral is called the ‘Jewel’ of St.Petersburg!

Church (of the Savior) on The Spilled Blood was built on the spot where Russian emperor Alexander II was assassinated in 1881. This church holds a very strong symbolic meaning for the city of St.Petersburg in particular, and Russian history in general.

Church on The Spilled Blood, view from the canal
Church on the Spilled Blood is The Most Color-Rich Building in The City Center

History of the Church

Soon after the death of his father, Alexander III, the newly crowned emperor, has announced a contest for the best project of a church. It took many years to find a project that would satisfy the emperor’s eye. And it took even longer to finish this project. Just imagine, 24 years to complete the construction!

Church of the Saviour on the Spilled Blood Boasts With Gilded Domes and Domes Decorated With Jewelry Enamel

Alexander III wanted to see a magnificent and beautiful church that would impress the locals and serve as a memorial for his father. The part of the cobble stone embankment where the assassination happened, was required to stay protected. It remained unpaved through the centuries. Nowadays, you can still see the assassination spot inside the church.

Design of the Church on The Spilled Blood

Alexander III chose a project of a church that would look like an Ancient Russian church, but would actually be built with modern technologies and materials. This church had to become a bridge connecting modern Russia with the remote periods of its history. Church on the Spilled Blood draws together the religion, history and czardom of the Russian Empire.

The design of this church will impress you with the detail. Outside the church is decorated with various barelefs, mosaics, its domes are gilded and covered with jewelry enamel! But once you enter the building, you will discover the real magic of this church. Every single square inch of the walls, columns, and even the ceiling is covered with mosaics! With a total area of 23130 square feet, it is one of the largest mosaic collections in the World.

Interior of the church on the Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg
Can you believe that all of this is a gigantic mosaic!

Further, if you continue into the heart of the church, you will gaze upon the biggest marble-carved altar wall in the whole country! Another particularly special detail of the décor is a unique mosaic depicting Jesus as a teenager, hidden inside one of the small domes.

This church has been through rough times of the 1917 revolution, civil war, and the WWII, when it almost got blown up (and not by Nazis, but by the Soviet government!). This cathedral has an incredible story to tell and many details to impress you with.

Church on The Spilled Blood is an absolute ‘must see‘! That is why we include it in every group tour. Visit St.Petersburg this summer and see for yourself majestic mosaics, gigantic chandeliers, hear the story of the church, and touch upon Russian history with Experience Russia.

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