AMAZING Tour of St. Petersburg with Mila

March 24, 2019

From the time that I reached out to Experience Russia to inquire about a tour, the company helped me figure out exactly what I should do while in St. Petersburg. I was only going to be traveling in Russia for a few days, and having Mila and Experience Russia help me decide what I should spend my time doing was invaluable.

We ultimately decided to go to L’Hermitage and the Church of Spilled Blood, and we also walked the city with Mila as she gave us a true taste of history of the city. From the beginning, Mila was insightful and fun, and she definitely kept us entertained the entire time. She just knows EVERYTHING there is to know about Russia! I am a huge history buff, and I was constantly being annoying and asking her questions throughout our tour, and she answered every single one!

Mila made sure to help our group feel comfortable and at home in a place where we absolutely could not understand any part of the language. She went to the next level with helping us order food while on the tour and figuring out where to eat for dinner. She even helped to hook us up with a reservation at an awesome restaurant!