Pavlovsk Summer Palace

What is Pavlovsk Palace?

May 3, 2019
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Pavlovsk Palace, or “Paul’s Palace” in English, is a hidden gem that is widely overlooked by passengers arriving to St Petersburg by cruise ship. Visitors who do decide to tour it, are treated to its gorgeous interiors and fantastic pieces of art. Since it is less well-known, it provides an excellent opportunity to take a break from a busy itinerary in relative tranquility.

Useful information to plan your visit:

  • Opening hours: 10:00 – 18:00 Daily
  • Address: Sadovaya Ulitsa, 20, Pavlovsk, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 196621 (Google Maps Link)
  • Phone number: +7(812)452-19-65
  • Reviews: TripAdvisor link
  • Pavlovsk Palace Website (English): Link


What is Pavlovsk Palace (also known as “Pavlovsk State Museum”)?

Pavlovsk is the name of the summer palace, as well as the name of the town where the palace is located. Pavlovsk palace is one of the three most famous summer palaces of the Russian Royal family. This palace was built as a personal residence of the emperor Pavel I in 1786. Up to nowadays this summer residence impresses its guests with lavishness of its interiors and a colossal 1,500 acre park.

Pavlovsk palace and park
Bird’s eye view of Pavlovsk palace and Park

As a result of a long-lasting family conflict  between Paul and his mother, Catherine the Great, the two of them grew distant from each other. Theur conflict escalated to the point that they couldn’t bear to live under the same roof. This is why Catherine the great ordered this palace to be built and gave it to her son as a “wedding gift”.

Why Visit Pavlovsk Palace?

This Summer palace, just like Catherine’s palace and Peterhoff palace was bombed by the Nazis during the WWII. Despite the building suffering significant destruction during the war, this palace was reconstructed to its original condition.

When visiting the museum, you would get impressed by the opulent interiors, golden chandeliers, silken upholstery, and numerous paintings and statues. Today we get to see all of that original beauty of the palace.

Courageous and dedicated museum workers managed to save all of the exhibits by loading them into trains and sending to the interior Russian towns in the beginning of WWII. Some of the larger exhibits were buried in the park, right before the neighboring lands got occupied by the Fascists troops.

The Ballroom Hall of Pavlovsk Palace

In addition to it’s fantastic interiors, Pavlovsk Palace has the added bonus of being far less crowded than The Catherine Palace. So it’s perfect for touring at a more relaxed pace. Read more about what you might expect at Catherine’s Palace

What is There to See Inside Pavlovsk Palace?

This palace has been used as a private family residence, where only close friends and family members could stay. You may find lots of private rooms in this museum, such as: royal bedroom, makeup room, private emperor’s library, music rooms, dining room, private church, etc.

Gala Dining Room in Pavlovsk Palace
Gala Dining Room in Pavlovsk Palace

 This palace has a strong aura of a mysterious family hideaway, making it a very special place.  Inside this palace you can find lots of items purchased by Paul and his wife, Maria Feodorovna, during their European trips. As well as presents that Maria painted and embroidered for her husband, their favorite books, paintings, and tapestries (and many other personal items).

The Private Study of Empress Mariya

A great addition to the palace is a huge park with Slavyanka river running through it. The park boasts with numerous ponds, flower gardens and squirrels happy to be fed.

Pavlovsk Palace Painting Gallery


We believe in providing quality experiences for our guests, this is why we replaced Catherine’s Palace with Pavlovsk Palace on all of our group tours.

Contact us today and find out more about visiting this wonderful summer residence on a tour!