The answer is very simple: We care about your safety, happiness, and comfort, above all else. We have not forgotten that we work for people, this is why we provide experiences instead of just fulfilling itineraries. During every step of your trip to St. Petersburg, from reading this page to waving goodbye from your cruise ship or hotel, we will take care of you as our guests and not our customers.

Here are several more reasons to choose us:

  • Visa coverage. Every single guest traveling on a cruise ship gets a complete 72-hours visa coverage with Experience Russia. Send us your passport information and we will prepare all documents that will grant you a 3-day visa-free stay on territory of Russia completely for free!
  • Free Cancellation. Change of plans? Would like to cancel? No problem! You have up to two weeks to cancel absolutely for free!
  • Money-back guarantee. With our clients, we built relationships of trust. Experience Russia is a reputable and honest company operating according to the standards of American market. That is why we offer a unique money-back guarantee program. Not satisfied with the service? We will give you money back!
  • On-time guaranteed arrival to your ship. Guests traveling by a cruise ship can feel safe with Experience Russia. Every single tour will arrive to the port on time. The scheduled time of  group’s arrival is minimum one hour before your ships “all aboard”  time. In addition to that we always have one spare van on stand in case of an extraordinary emergency. (If there is something “hypothetically” to occur, we would not only return your money for the tour, we would also pay  100% of any and all costs associated with quickly delivering you to your ship’s next port of call.)
  • We are flexible in questions of payment. We do not require an immediate prepayment. We accept cash, credit and debit cards, as well as checks.
  • Small group sizes. Comfort can’t go along with crowds. We pay a lot of attention to each of our guests and put their happiness over the profit of the big bus. That is why we do not operate with huge buses and giant groups. Our tour groups are limited to 10 people.
  •  Contacting us. For your convenience, we are accessible (nearly) 24/7. We will be happy to answer your call on our US phone number, chat with you on Facebook, respond to you via WhatsApp, or reply to your email.
  • Qualification of our guides. We believe in what we are doing and that is why we carefully choose members of our staff. All our guides are licensed local guides, real professionals with many years of experience. We make special chain of interviews for each candidate and carefully choose the best ones.
  •  Transportation. Our vans come equipped with comfortable seats and air conditioning systems and are always clean. Our experienced drivers are certified, always on-time, helpful and caring, always ready to make your St. Petersburg tour the most memorable part of your holidays.
  • Variety of options. We offer a big variety of tours and evening options, including ballet, dinner in a family, cooking class, etc. You are traveling alone, with your older parents or young kids, the composition of your party will not affect the quality of the tour. We have options for everyone. What is more, we provide tours in many foreign languages, including German, Spanish, French, Italian and Chinese.
  • We pay attention to detail. All of our guests are provided with one bottle of still water each day of touring; all our groups over 10 people are provided with personal ear phones. In case of the bad weather we always have ponchos for each guest. Allergic to something? Have a special request or prefer a slower pace? No problem! Our job is to make you happy during your stay in St. Petersburg.
  • High quality meals. We believe that tasty food makes people happy, that is why every cafe and restaurant you eat lunch or dinner at we check ourselves. You will never eat junk food on our tours (unless you really want to).
  • Our guests love us. See for yourself our Testimonials page or our TripAdvisor page.




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